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  1. Healthcare:


            Today many hospitals other health-based organizations have CRM systems with tons of patient record data to analyze, sort and filter through. It can literally save lives, pinpoint the cause of disease, and calculate its spread if it is a viral disease. Doctors need this critical information to understand the current state of the patient and future prognosis. This information can even help the World Health Organization better tackle pandemics like the COVID 19. This arsenal of data can be our guide on un-discovered disease that might surface in the future.


It helps pinpoint the cause of a particular disease. Further, it can be used to calculate viral spread rate. It can be used to statistically study illnesses. It can help improve CRM systems by eliminating variables that are of little use. It can help tackle pandemics. It can improvise both the processes of diagnoses and prognosis.

Advantages to Customer

The customer can focus on areas that are the most vital to curing illness. The customer benefits through better prognosis and early diagnoses. At analysis, camp we recommend analysis on Stata for healthcare businesses. But businesses can choose from a range of software. We not only analyze but also help in interpretation.