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Digicraft have an easy form for you to fill up where precisely share what you need and we will get back with what we can do in return

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Depending on what your business seeks for growth, our team of experts would offer you a customized strategy in a budget that best fits your pocket.

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Digicraft promise to fully capitalize our resources and revolutionize how your business looks to the eyes of both your existing and potential customers.

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Why need Content Writing?

If an audience don’t find a brand’s content appealing, they will divert. The content is like a customer service representative. Therefore, if the brand’s content writing is creative, bright, modern, and inviting, the audience will feel more welcoming on your page.

Content of your website is the impression falls along with the graphical representation of a website. Audience visiting website is the one who helps in making suggestion to others.

Falling low with the quality of content writing, ultimately, there wouldnt be no positive responses, making your website comparatively turns downgradable. On the other hand, an outdated and unappealing content makes a business appear cold and aloof.

Provide us your ideas we turns that into positive content, making your digital words more enhancing and eye-catching.

Social Media Process

1. Client requirement

2. Content gathering

3. Concept & Content document presentation

4. Client Approval

5. Assign to designer

6. Client approval

7. Payment complete

8. Assign to social media expert

9. Schedule

10. Ads setup

11. Project Complete

Designing Process

1: Client Requirement From

2: Brainstorm and Sketch Concepts (Design, Color, Texture)

3: Make design Mockup

4: Mockup approval

5: Advance Payment

6: Planning

7: Content Documentation

8: Concept Refinement (Actual Designing)

9: Client Feedbacks

10: Revision

11: Design Complete

12: Payment completes

13. Final Delivery

Video Commercials Process

1: Client Requirement From

2: Research

3: Script

4: Script Approval

4: Plan Video Design, Animation, Location etc.

5: Make design Prototype before purchase

6: Prototype approval

7: Advance Payment

8: Planning

9: Process Documentation

10: Final Video Shooting Development

11: Client Feedbacks

12: Video Complete

13: Payment completes

14: Final Delivery

Web Development Process

1: Client Requirement From
2: Find Template according to Requirement
3: Test Template Before Purchase
4: Make Prototype Before Purchase
5: Prototype approval
6: Contract Form
7: Advance Payment
8: Planning
9: Process Documentation
10: Document Approval

11: Designing
12: Content Writing / Content Gathering 
13: Designing & Content Writing Approval
14: Theme Upload at Server
15: Data Uploading
16: Bugs Checking
17: Client Feedbacks
18: Project Complete 
19: Payment Completes
20: Launch On Client’s Server

Proper Art Work Needed?

creative teams are organized so that various illustrations, banners and posters are designed that help in catching new customers. 

Digicraft, is capable of clicking the right spot in your eyes. We assure you of the best art work designs for your business.  

Art creates a strong image of the brand and spread awareness about a brand’s products and services. Visual information is a growing need of the time and deeply affects the victory of the business. 

In the world of today, art is an influential as well as competitive tool that can take businesses to successful levels and stand them apart from others.